About Author

Dr. AMRITHA RAJEEV (Admission No. 14-PGDOH-0002) residing at Munderi, Kalpetta has completed BAMS from SDM college of Ayurvedha and Hospital, Hassan, Karnataka.Her project for PGD (One Health) involves evaluating certain Ayurvedic preparation (Janu Vasti) in the treatment of Osteoarthritis. Her area of interest is symptomatic management of life style disorder and has experience in performing Nasya, Shringa, Agnikarma and Jaloukavacharana Karmas. She is undertaking the project work under the guidance of Dr. Prejit, Officer-in- Charge, COHEART and Dr.K.P.Vinod Babu (Retd. DMO- Ayurvedha) and charge of Kannur Ayurveda Multispecialty Hospital Kalpetta,Wayanad