About Author

Dr. Naveen Kumar T.J (Admission No.14-PGDOH-0019) graduated in Veterinary sciences and animal Husbandry, presently pursuing his Masters in Livestock Products Technology at the CVAS, Pookode, Wayanad. The research topic selected for the PG diploma in One Health is to “Study the consumption pattern of livestock products among students and staff of Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences University campus, Pookode”. Shortage of food is a crisis for the human race in the present and future thus making it essential to utilize the food resources to the maximum. Recent studies have revealed that there will be increased demand for livestock products, through the present study it is aimed to understand the consumption patterns of livestock products among the various social classes, religions and age group and thus in future develop newer products which are cheap and can meet the nutrient requirements. The study is being conducted under the guidance of Dr. Renuka Nayar and co-guidance of Dr. Kavitha Rajagopal, Assistant Professors, Department of Livestock Products Technology, CV&AS, Pookode.